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Benubird PDF

Benubird is an all-in-one file management tool for Office and PDF files
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Benubird is an all-in-one file management tool for Office and PDF files, an application where you can add your documents for easy handling. Every time you add a file, you can give some information about it: author, category, subject, etc. You can also provide tags for each file. All the files that are added to BenuBird PDF remain in their physical locations in the hard drive, but you can organize them and even launch them from within the application.

Benubird PDF will not open files by itself. Instead, it will launch the application associated with the file. This tool is really useful for managing large collections of documents, as it will allow you to find them more easily. Also, there are many filters that can be added to searches, and you can even create a smart collections that use Boolean operators to find your files. These collections are 'virtual' folders or list of files arranged according to predefined rules. For example, you can create a smart collection for files created during a week, specifying a date or a range of hours. Alternatively, you can create a smart collection for the last modified files.

Benubird PDF seems to make it easy for you to add files. I was able to import files seamlessly from a folder and a ZIP file. And it also allows you to export the files using those options as well. There is a monitoring feature that will have the application scan a folder for new files and automatically add them to any of your collections.

José Fernández
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  • Allows for efficient filtering of files
  • Tag support


  • It doesn't really let you view any of your files from its interface, not even previews
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